Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jazz Veteran Alfonzo Blackwell Packs Pure Greatness with "Dance To This" in stores April 29, 2008!

Pure distilled greatness was packaged for your listening pleasure with the seventh CD release form contemporary jazz maverick, Alfonzo Blackwell. "Dance To This" is the latest masterpiece released through Utopia Records, Inc.

Alfonzo Blackwell is an illustrious and magnetic music veteran. Veterans in the music industry such as Alfonzo Blackwell, transcend all boundaries. Not only do they stay ahead of the curve, they shape the curve.

Just pop in the CD and press PLAY. Alfonzo masterfully invites you in on his electrifying and seductive grooves. The opening/title track, "Dance to this" exudes melodic and infectious blends of stomp your feet soul and powerful alto sax bravado punch. The next track, "Back It up" (Featuring Utopia Records label mate Rebecca Buxton on Baritone Saxophone) is in the vain of what his uptempo music has been from the start - the distinguished blend of hot contemporary jazz and urban rhythms inspired dance format. This format; unique only to Alfonzo Blackwell is ushering listeners to clap your hands and snap your fingers. This is can't -sit-down contemporary jazz at its finest.

Alfonzo slows it down, on "Inside My Heart". On this passionate ballad, his soprano glides seamlessly throughout the track like a butterfly. The control of his horn is crisp with haunting classical proficiency. "This Is Real" is a mid-tempo (instant classic) track that has in-your-face contemporary jazz and pop appeal. The blissful melody is superb. "Take A Look" will get you up and dancing to the droning drum lines that lace its tracks. "Take A Look" is destined to be a Contemporary Jazz Classic which features another new and stellar talent from Utopia Records -Shana Kaye. Shana Floats & Dazzles the groove with her flute on this track. The distinctive winning formula for great music is to make everyone feel good; well, this tune does just that. The remaining tracks, in its entire splendor are savvy and sophisticated as well. Alfonzo Blackwell delivers impeccably with brilliant writing, production and stellar performances on his latest CD project, "Dance To This". His genius resonates eloquently on each and every track.
Alfonzo blasted on the contemporary jazz scene in 1995 withhis debut CD release, "Let's Imagine". He broke the mold upon his arrival. He gathered great success and critical acclaim with all of his CD projects while delivering his unique musical style. Top 10 radio hits including "Alfonzo's Love Theme". "Herminia", "Passion" and "Funky Shuffle" contribute to his many accomplishments. Alfonzo's music videos have struck an indelible chord with such original content; he received recognition with Billboard Award nominations. He also composes themes for movies as well as television, having co-written the theme song to the internationally successful television show, "Baywatch Nights" where he was featured every week with David Hasselhoff. Among honing his craft of playing alto, soprano and tenor saxophones, he is a well accomplished bass, drum, guitar and piano player. He has graced the stage and performed with numerous music greats which includes Gladys Knight, The Whispers and Roy Ayers to name a few. He also performs with contemporary soul artists such as Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and Brian McKnight.
As a child he taught himself to play the piano by ear at the tender age of six. Destined for greatness, this Queens, New York native was accepted at the prestigious (Fame) performing Arts High School in NYC and then continued his advance studies at The Aaron Copland School of Music - Queens College and Five Towns Music College in Long Island, NY.
Undoubtedly, Alfonzo Blackwell is one amonst the elite music industry veterans. He is a maverick in every way. His music, sophistication, passion and style are forever young and fresh he's forever timeless.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alfonzo Blackwell's 7th CD release event Live at Sambuca Restaurant

Alfonzo Blackwell

Sax Star, Alfonzo Blackwell is kicking off his 7th CD Release “Dance To This” live at Sambuca Restaurant
Thursday, April 3rd at 7:30 PM

Utopia Records is pleased to announce that contemporary jazz maverick, saxophonist extraordinaire Alfonzo Blackwell will be performing hot tunes from his latest and 7th CD release “Dance To This” live at Sambuca Restaurant, Thursday, April 3rd at 7:30PM.

Sambuca Restaurant is located at 3102 Piedmont Road Atlanta, GA. For more information or to purchase tickets, please call 404-237-5299 or visit
www.sambucarestaurant.com. You don’t want to miss this show. Get your tickets before they sell out!

Hot, New, Smooth Bari-Sax player Rebecca Buxton!

Rebecca Buxton

Utopia Records Rebecca Buxton - An innovative jazz musician in command of her Baritone Saxophone. Rebecca is poised to take on the Smooth Jazz World with her bold, slick and strong sound. A taste of Rebecca’s deep powerful resonance can be heard on Alfonzo Blackwell's (www.alfonzoblackwell.com) latest CD "Dance To This" where she is featured on the track "Back it up". Among her many wonderful talents as a baritone sax player Rebecca is also an accomplished Flautist and Clarinetist. Some of her greatest influences have been Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. Keep a close watch for a few sample tracks from Rebecca’s new Smooth Jazz project.

• Soulful & Powerful Bari Saxophonist
• Flute/Clarinet
• Songwriter

As this coming year kicks into high gear, Utopia Records is very busy with so many, many things… You get the hottest and latest news first, here at www.utopiarecordings.com! So, keep coming back to Utopia Records to see & hear this brilliant artist at work with her new album to be released in 2008.
More smooth music and information about Rebecca Buxton coming soon.
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Utopia Records Is Proud To Introduce To The World New Sultry & Soulful Smooth Jazz Flautist Shana Kaye

Shana Kaye

New on the Smooth Jazz scene Flautist/Vocalist. Shana is currently in the studio working on her much anticipated debut Smooth Jazz CD, Shana Kaye has created a unique style soon to be felt and heard. Her impressive musical feel & technique can be heard on two tracks from Alfonzo Blackwell's latest CD "Dance To This"where she is featured on "Take A Look" and "Inside My Heart"। The mood for this track embodies a combination of intensity as well as majesty between the Jazz veteran Alfonzo and Shana. Shana Kaye evokes a sweet, sensitive yet powerful sound that will surely seduce its listeners into a whirlwind of bliss. Get ready for Shana Kaye's solo project!
More smooth music and information about Shana Kaye coming soon.

Friday, December 14, 2007



As this year is headed for a close, Utopia Records is very busy with so many many things… You get the hottest and latest news first, here at www.utopiarecordings.com!
Utopia Records is proud to announce and introduce to the world Smooth Jazz Baritone Saxophonist Rebecca Buxton and Smooth Jazz Flautist Shana Kaye! You can hear a taste of these two dynamic Artists on Alfonzo Blackwell's Latest CD "Dance to this". Keep coming back to Utopia Records to see & hear these brilliant artists at work with their new albums to be released in 2008.

Well, Alfonzo Blackwell is currently in the studio putting all of the final touches on his highly anticipated forth coming album, "Dance To This", which is slated to be released in March 2008. Alfonzo's latest project is rumored to be his greatest album to date. This Saxman extraordinaire is like fine wine, he just gets better with time.

Keep coming back to www.utopiarecordings.com for the latest news and hot scoop on this amazing and electrifying entertainer. 2007 has already been a stellar year for Utopia Records! Utopia successfully procured new team members to join Utopia. They have been working hard with 1st Quarter 2008 initiatives. Expect great things in the New Year!